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Fix Your Eyes on the Cross

A video from Arturo Azurdia:

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“Fix your eyes on the cross and never get beyond it…” —Arturo Azurdia

And being found in human form, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a […]

Loving God Because He Is God

David Brainerd:

“My soul was this day, at turns, sweetly set on God: I longed to be with Him, that I might behold His glory. I felt sweetly disposed to commit all to Him, even my dearest friends, my dearest flock, my absent brother, and all my concerns for time and eternity. Oh that His […]

William Carey: 11 Commandments of Missions

Often referred to as “the father of modern missions,” William Carey lived his life with a single determination to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to those lost in sin and darkness. Below are his 11 “commandments of missions.”

1. Set an infinite value on immortal souls.

2. Gain all […]

Harold Camping and Jenga

Elyse Fitzpatrick pens a great article on the Camping controversy:

What’s astounding about Jesus’ conversation with the disciples is that Jesus himself didn’t know the answer to their “when?” question. Think of that. The disciples ask God a question he can’t answer! In this case, in his humanity, he wasn’t privy to this information. He […]

Who Are You Behind Closed Doors?

You may have heard this quote before:

“What a man is in secret, in these private duties, that he is in the eyes of God and no more…”

—John Owen, Indwelling Sin in Believers (1667).

While reading this morning, I found a similar quote. It really hit home:

“It is […]

Francis Chan: The Presence of Jesus in Suffering

Behold Our God

Don’ t you just love worship songs that make much of our God?

At the church I attend, we just started singing a new song, Behold Our God.

It is one of those songs:


Behold our God! Praise Him!


Who has held the oceans in his hands? Who has numbered every grain of […]

What Part of the Gospel Is Optional?


This video is a promo for David Platt’s book Radical: Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream

[Update: Please note that Platt says Jesus may call some to give up all they have—not will. He’s not calling people to radical giving-up-of-your-goods. He’s calling people to radical worship, which may require giving up your […]

Spurgeon on Intercessory Prayer

Charles Spurgeon:

Then, again, permit me to say, how are you to prove your love to Christ or to his church if you refuse to pray for men? “We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren.” If we do not love the brethren, we are […]