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Help Keep Blue Letter Bible Ad-Free in 2012

Behind the scenes at Blue Letter Bible, a tremendous amount of work goes into maintaining, improving, and expanding the BLB website. For fifteen years our parent ministry (Sowing Circle) has been able to totally fund the operational costs of the BLB—but that has changed. For the first time, BLB is required to raise support from outside sources to continue to provide our users around the world with the comprehensive web-based Bible study tool that you have come to enjoy! We desire to accomplish this and yet keep our website ad-free.

The 2011 support target for BLB is $1.5 million. That’s a large number, but every gift—large or small—is meaningful, as described below. We wanted to share this need with you, for we will need your help to reach this target. Our heart is that we do not want you to be distracted by advertisements or banners. However, if actual support is substantially less than the target, advertisements may be necessary in the future. We are trusting in the Lord’s provision through your generosity and partnership in this ministry.

In an average month, the BLB delivers over 13 million pageviews of Bible study material to over 500,000 unique visitors. What that means is:

If just 30% of the users this month will make a gift of $10, we will be able to keep the BLB ad-free for 2012!

Please pray for the provision of the ministry and whether the Lord would have you co-labor with us in spreading the Word of God and providing doctrinally sound Bible search and study resources for the global Church!

If you would like more information on the ministry and its finances, additional information is available through the menu bar below. As always, we invite you to contact us at servants@blueletterbible.org or 949-600-6000 with any comments or questions you may have.