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Again I will say, Rejoice.

The following is inspired by one of Charles Spurgeon’s sermon outlines.

This is the second part in a two-part series. Read the first entry here.

As if he wanted to make certain that his readers got his point, Paul echoes the command to rejoice once more:

“…again, I will say, Rejoice.”

(Philippians 4:4b)

Why does Paul repeat this exhortation? Five reasons:

1. To show His love to them.

He is intensely anxious that they should share his joy.

2. To suggest the difficulty of continual joy.

He twice commands, because we are slow to obey.

3. To assert the bossibility of it.

After second thoughts, he feels that he may fitly repeat the exhortation.

4. To impress the importance of the duty.

Whatever else you forget, remember this: Be sure to rejoice.

5. To allow of special personal testimony. “…again I say, Rejoice.”

In other words, Paul himself rejoiced. He was habitually a happy man. In fact, this letter to the Philippians is especially joyous. Let us sweep through the narrative and look it through.

The apostle is joyful throughout:

He sweetens prayer with joy. Phil 1:4
He rejoices that Christ is preached. Phil 1:18
He wished to live to gladden the church. Phil 1:25
To see the members like-minded was his joy. Phil 2:2
It was his joy that he should not run in vain. Phil 2:16
His farewell to them was, “Rejoice in the Lord.” Phil 3:1
He speaks of those who rejoice in Christ Jesus. Phil 3:3
He calls his converts his joy and crown. Phil 4:1
He expresses his joy in their kindness. Phil 4:4, 10, 18.

The calendar of the world has only a few days in the year marked as festival days; but every day of the Christian’s calendar is marked by the hand of God as a day of rejoicing.

In case we didn’t get it the first time, let us rejoice today!

“There is not one blade of grass, there is no color in this world that is not intended to make us rejoice.
John Calvin