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How could wise Solomon be so foolish?

Have you ever wondered how King Solomon could be such a wise man and make so many foolish mistakes?

Dr. Phil Ryken, the president of Wheaton College, answers this question and more in the following interview:


  • How could Solomon be such a wise man and make so many foolish mistakes? (1:40)
  • How are the lessons you learn from Solomon coming into play in both your role as a pastor and now as a college president? How are those roles different? (3:18)
  • How do you make the connection between the historical person of Solomon and the life of Jesus Christ? (5:06)
  • Talk about the phrase “The king is dead, long live the king.” That was an especially poignant moment in the book. (8:05)
  • Do you believe that Solomon ended up in heaven or hell? This is a guy obviously blessed, obviously anointed, obviously had a relationship with God, but it ended very, very poorly. (11:17)