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Killer Kindle Deals

For all you BLB users that have an Amazon Kindle or Kindle app (PC, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry), the following Christian books are on sale right now:

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
Author: Jonathan Edwards
Price: $0.99

Originally delivered to Edwards’ congregation in June 1741, Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God is the second most published and read sermon in history (second only to the Sermon on the Mount). Eyewitness accounts described an audience so moved by the sermon that people moaned, shrieked, and cried out for salvation while the preacher was still speaking.

To the One Who Conquers: 50 Daily Meditations on the Seven Letters of Revelation 2-3
Author: Sam Storms
Price: $1.99

Fifty brief meditations bring these first-century letters into the twenty-first century, demonstrating their enormous relevance and practicality for the church today. The seven letters of Revelation 2 and 3 are utterly and unequivocally Christ-centered in their content. Jesus is to be the center of all church life.

Contentment: A Godly Woman’s Adornment
Author: Lydia Brownback
Price: $0.99

This On-the-Go Devotional assures women that contentment is not some fleeting ideal but a reality that God enables them to live out daily. Any woman who buys into the lie of “You can have it all” or who thinks she can only be happy “if…” experiences an abiding frustration: what she wants remains just out of reach, always. No matter how good she has it, no matter how good the good times may get, there’s always something missing. And ultimately, she misses out on happiness too.

But God desires something far better and more lasting for his daughters. And he’s delivered the secret in his Word, assuring women that real satisfaction is found in living for and longing for the right things. Those truths and promises are at the heart of this On-the-Go Devotional for women. Each lesson in Contentment is conveniently self-contained and comes complete with Scripture and a paragraph or two of teaching to direct women away from fleeting distractions and toward a true, enduring satisfaction.