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A mother's holy prayer

With Mother’s Day around the corner, we wanted to share this little snippet with you:

Oh! what power is lodged in a mother’s hand—what eloquence in her prayer, and what pathos in her tear! She can lead her child to the very gate of Paradis—and pour into the golden censer waved by the Angel before the Majesty on High, the incense of her petition. Her tear will burn through life on the brow it baptized, and the pressure of her hand be felt when the world itself has become a vanished dream. And many in that day, when Christ shall “come to make up his jewels,” will point to the deepening glory that spreads away to the mount of God, and murmur—

“A mother’s holy prayer,
A mother’s hand and gentle tear
Have led the wanderer there!”

(from “Women of the Word” by P.C. Headley) Visit the BLB Women’s Ministry page for more related resources.