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Blue Letter Bible Institute

Did you know that Blue Letter Bible has a learning institute?

Many BLB users are unaware that thousands of people take classes through The Blue Letter Bible Institute (BLBi) to learn about biblical studies, apologetics, and doctrines of the Christian faith.

There are a number of courses available, including: Christology, The Attributes of God, Growing in the Grace of God, surveys of the Bible, and Searching for the Truth on Origins.

Our Vision for BLBi

Our vision for BLBi is that it will be a complete course of study about what Christianity believes and teaches. The Blue Letter Bible Institute, when eventually completed, will consist of courses that will cover several major areas of Christian belief and practice. A separate textbook will be prepared for each individual course. The various textbooks are now in the process of being written. The textbooks for the various courses are produced as educational tools explaining what Christians believe and why they believe it. Each course in the program is designed to be used for either self-study, home Bible study, or for the classroom. It is our goal to make the Blue Letter Bible Institute the most comprehensive course of study possible.

However, this is NOT a subsitute for your local church

We are not a substitute for the church. If you are able to attend a class at your local church, a Bible Institute, Bible College, or some other type of Christian training center, then, by all means, do so. We are here to supplement the church. Many people are unable to attend Bible classes or Bible school. We hope to fill the need for those who want a thorough biblical education but cannot, for whatever reason, attend classes. We are presently working with churches and Bible colleges to incorporate BLBi’s course of study into their own program and their material into BLBi.

May God richly bless you as you study with us in the Blue Letter Bible Institute.

Browse the Blue Letter Bible Institute website today!

Click here or visit the url: http://blbi.org