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FREE Resources: Passion Week

This weekend marks the celebration of two days that are extremely monumental to the Christian faith: Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. If you’re looking for a few great study resources on either of these Christian holidays, you’ll want to check these out this week:

Passover and Resurrection Celebration page at Blue Letter Bible

In honor of the Passover we have created this special page that deals with how our Lord fulfilled the Law and the prophets by his suffering, death and resurrection!

There is a special Passion Week video that will take you on a short tour of the Holy Land sites that are part of the Passion Week recount.

There are audio and  written texts including the compelling essay on “The Medical Aspects of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ” by David Terasaka, M.D.

Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die

Our staff just received copies of this classic work by Dr. John Piper. Here’s a description:

The death of Jesus is of foremost importance for the world. In this book, revised and updated from the previously published The Passion of Jesus Christ, John Piper gathers from the New Testament fifty reasons behind the crucifixion of the Christ.

Not fifty causes, but fifty purposes—in answer to the most important question facing us: Why did Jesus suffer and die?

Piper’s ministry, Desiring God, has been kind enough to bless the church by providing all of his book’s online—FREE—including this title. Download the PDF and meditate on the goodness of our great God and Savior!