Celebrating the First Advent of Christ


“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.”
Isaiah 9:6 KJV

The season is upon us! Yesterday marks the first day of this year’s Advent season.

What is Advent?

The season of Advent (which means “coming/arrival”) begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas day. This year, that day was yesterday.

The celebration is a short season of waiting. It diverts our attention from the cultural consumerism that surrounds us and reorients our attention on the “coming” or “arrival” of Jesus—His birth and subsequent ministry. The Advent season also points us forward toward His promised return.

Celebrating the First Advent of Christ

In honor of the birth of Christ we have created a special page that deals with this event as well as those surrounding it. The page serves as a starting point for those seeking to study this great moment in history. We pray that through them, you are stirred to joyfully worship the King!

The content is divided up into five different types:

Whether you’re a pastor or Bible study leader looking for study resources, a parent looking for family devotional material, or an individual wanting to meditate on the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we hope you’ll find these resources helpful for you this Christmas season.

  • Le Anna

    Thank you for this wonderful resource!

  • Bob Demyanovich

    Consider the creeds of Christmas. They are propagated for a spirit, a vehicle to lay in ceremony and celebration of Gentile invention. The traditions of Christmas are not of Christ. Listen to the stirring carols lauding the birth of the Word made flesh, Jesus. They are intended to worship and must be sanctified that way, kept separate from the mire of Christmas. The Gentile sirens will co opt them. Where do flash mob singing and bell ringing take place? In the churches of the Gentiles, the malls. Hbr 6:1, Jhn 6:45-48
    Christmas is not a Holy day it is a Holiday. Come out from among them, you are separate. 2Cr 6:17

  • Mark Hayes


    Wonderful words of scipture from Matthew Henry’s commentry on the birth of Jesus, where Matthew Henry compares scriptural truths with scripture…..

    “He that makes darkness a swaddling band for the sea was Himself wrapped in swaddling bands.” Job 38:9. Luke 2:7,Luke 2:12.

    “He was wrapped in swaddling clothes, as other children are when they are new-born, as if he could be bound, or needed to be kept straight.”

    “The everlasting Father became a child of time, and men said to him whose out-goings were of old from everlasting, We know this man, whence he is.” John 7:27.

    “The Ancient of days became an infant of a span long.” Daniel 7:22 (-verse added by myself).

    Blessed be the name of the Lord. Amen

    In Christ
    Mark H. NZ

  • Bob Demyanovich

    Every person in this world lives by His grace and provision. Who dares speak of our Father before the majority? How tragic it is to feel hatred from those who live by your benefice. How astounding is the love that suffers the consequences of sin to redeem whosoever will not be ashamed of Him, Jesus. This tension, this abhorrent condition of denial is contrary to righteousness. The permission to continue will be revoked as our Father fulfills His word at a time that He has determined.
    Mat 24:44, Mat 25:13, Luk 12:40, Luk 18:8

    The world will have their Christmas then proceed with the manner of living. Back to an occasional thought for the Father, or denial the lost will continue the romance with death and hell. Suffer us a while longer Jesus. There are too many who must come to faith by hearing, hearing by Your Word, the Word of God.

  • http://stephenahale@comcast.net Stephen

    In my house Jesus is worshiped on the Christmas holiday everyday before and after Christmas.
    In the days before Christmas we think about the birth of Christ with many good thoughts. Tts 1:15
    We do not consternate on ancient pagan cults or what the world thinks about Christmas. Rom 14:5
    I have taught my children Jesus is real and Holy. Santa is a fairy tale.
    That honesty has aided them in their minds in regards to faith in Jesus and the clear definition of Christmas in our home.
    Not all of my neighbors are Christian. Their children thought santa was real. It did not go over well when my chldren informed them santa is a cute fairy tale. Well, someone has to let the cat out of the bag. Christmas is about Jesus.
    It’s the perfect time to tell others what is real and what is not.
    In our house Christmas is about the birth of Jesus. We like the lights with all the decorations and the wonderful music. A warm fireplace and a snowy day. We enjoy the family reunions and the good food we share together. I have the joy of the Lord for what I have and at the same time I mourn for the poor. As I have been poor and share what I can when possible.
    The Christmas holidays remind me to be thankful for the 1st Advent of Christ and that I groan the unutterable for the 2nd Advent of Christ.
    In thankfulness durring the Christmas holidays I enjoy the fruits of the Spirit of God, Joy and peace and love.
    Have a Merry Christmas.

  • Bob Demyanovich

    Kindness to warm hearts is encouraged during Christmas. Christians are known for compassion and generosity for those who are stricken with leanness. How great is that!!
    My children thank me for knowing the lie of Santa and still pity all their friends who were victims of this paganism.
    We know the Lord is kindness and thus our manner is kind not harsh. While fervent for the presence of Jesus I have practiced with the choir to prepare for Christmas music Sunday one week from today. We will worship with orchestra, bells and choir.

    • http://stephenahale@comcast.net Stephen

      Well said Bob and enjoy a Merry Christmas.

  • http://stephenahale@comcast.net Stephen

    Chris, I meant to thank you for sharing this great resource of encouraging and uplifting studies and music that focus on Christmas. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  • Jerry S.

    To have “the mind of Christ(mas)”, shouldn’t believers in the Hebrew Messiah follow the same calendar HE did?? It’s only logical.


    P.s. Lev 23:1-44 HNV, see also Exd 23:13-17 HNV.