The Names of God: El Shaddai

(el shad-di’)
All-Sufficient One, Lord God Almighty

Use in the Bible: In the Old Testament El Shaddai occurs 7 times. El Shaddai is first used in Gen 17:1.

Strong’s Reference: 7706

El Shaddai in the Septuagint: theou saddai…God Shaddai;pantokratôr (for Shaddai)…the Almighty

Meaning and Derivation: 

El is another name that is translated as “God” and can be used in conjunction with other words to designate various aspects of God’s character.

Another word much like Shaddai, and from which many believe it derived, is shad meaning “breast” in Hebrew (some other scholars believe that the name is derived from an Akkadian word Šadu, meaning “mountain,” suggesting strength and power).

This refers to God completely nourishing, satisfying, and supplying His people with all their needs as a mother would her child. Connected with the word for God—El—this denotes a God who freely gives nourishment and blessing, He is our Sustainer.

Our Lord God Almighty

Knowing that God is El Shaddai matters. It matters because it reminds us that the Lord is our mighty God, and like Him there is no other.

How does knowing about our God’s Mightiness minister to you?

Further references of the name El Shaddai in the Old Testament:

Gen 17:1; Gen 28:3; Gen 35:11; Gen 43:14; Gen 48:3

  • Gayle Patrick

    God is ALL you need!

  • Rex Cleveland

    El Shaddai=God Almighty
    Jehovah (YHWH) Jireh= The LORD will provide

    • Brian

      You shall not take the Name of YHWH your Elohim in vain, for YHWH will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain (Exodus 20:7)
      – vain comes from H7723 ‘shav’ and means: emptiness, nothingness, emptiness of speech, or worthlessness.

      Who think to make my people forget my name by their dreams that they tell one another, even as their fathers forgot my name for Baal? (Jeremiah[Yirmeyahu] 23:27)

      H1168 Baal = lord.

      The original names of the Father and Son were given in Hebrew, and that language needs to be preserved. Proverbs 30:4

      The letter ‘J’ is less than 500 years old.

      Acts 4:12, 26:14-15
      Philippians 2:10
      Revelation 3:8
      Hosea 12:5
      Jeremiah 32:18
      Ezekiel 39:7-8
      Joshua 7:9
      Luke 10:17
      Isaiah 52:6
      Deuteronomy 28:58
      Psalm 138:2
      Jeremiah 16:21
      Jeremiah 12:14-17
      Acts 19:17

  • I agree with the comments given by Gayle and Rex. El Shaddai means that no matter how difficult our circumstances God is completely able and equipped to handle them and provide the avenues to deliverance that we so desperately require.

    • Thanks for your comments Diane. I think that in addition, when the storms of life arise around us, our focus on Him as El-Shaddai, the Almighty God gives us that tenacity of faith sustains the smile on our face, the songs of the Lord on our lips even while we are in a strange land, because like Elisha our eyes are not looking at and counting the army of Syria, ratherour eyes are glued on the greater One that is in us. Seasons come and seasons go, The Almighty God, the Elshaddai remains unchanging in His character and in His Almightiness.When the storm is over we will still be praising Him and guess what, we are better than when the storm just started; stronger, more peaceful, more tenderhearted, and then He is more glorified than ever.

  • Sibonelo khuzwayo

    El Shaddai God is able to do what is impossible with man. He is our sustainer in body mind and spirit.

  • Cheryl

    I have been singing with Amy Grant all day.

    El Shaddai, El Shaddai,
    Age to Age Your still the same,
    By the Power of the Name.

    El Shaddai, El Shaddai,
    Erkamka Na Adonai,

    We will praise You and lift
    You high El Shaddai,

    Beautiful song, but does
    anyone know what Erkamka Na Adonai means?

    • Vivien

      Wiki answers (and verified with other sources) says: Erkamka na Adonai is taken from Psalm 18:1 (except for the “na,” which is added) and is normally translated “I love you (ארחמך), O Lord.” Psalm 18:1 is the only place that the Hebrew Bible uses this verb for love in the Qal stem; this is normally an Aramaic usage. Hebrew uses this verb in the Piel stem.

  • John I. Pyke

    I had always understood El Shaddia to mean.. The God of ALL provision! HE provides everything and without him there would not be anything provided!

  • steve morrow

    John 5:43&44
    I am come in MY FATHERS NAME and you receive ME not if another come in his own name him will you receive
    (44) HOW CAN YOU BELIEVE which receive honor one of another and seek not the honor that cometh from GOD ONLY

    1 Thessalonians 2:13
    For this cause also thank we GOD without ceasing because when you
    received the word of GOD which you heard of us you received it not as the word of men but as it is in truth THE WORD OF GOD

  • Donna

    KudoZ home » Hebrew to English » Religion erkamka na adonai
    English translation: I love thee, O LORD, my strength

    • Michele

      אֶרְחָמְךָ יְהוָה
      Ps. 18:1 Ehr-cham-cha (no “na” in the Hebrew)YHWH, with the ch pronounced as in Bach, and the sacred name circumlocuted as Adonai. “My strength” would include the next word, Hizki, חִזְקִֽי
      Thanks, Donna!

    • Cheryl

      Thank You Donna, I will sing praise to
      El Shaddia through out my day. He is my strength, my power, and my loving Abba.
      Have a blessed weekend everyone!

  • We have arrived at the end of the ages folks. The “still small voice within” says to Believe Him to supply all of your needs. He is in each of us, and the Source of all that is. He truly makes a “road in the wilderness, and “streams in the desert”. He IS LOVE!

  • Montanagal

    Do you have a list of all the names of God (OT & NT) and their meanings or know where to direct me? Thank you; have a great day!

    • Rex Cleveland

      While not complete, here is a list of OT names to consider, know and on which to meditate.
      The Proper Names of God
      1. I AM (I am who I am) – Exodus 3:14, 6:2-3
      The eternally self-existent One; the One who is what He is from Himself.
      2. Jehovah (j h v h from YHWH) – Genesis 2:4
      The personal name of God; the LORD God, or the sovereign LORD (as
      opposed to Lord, from Adonai which means Master).
      3. Elohim (God) – Genesis 1:1
      God; the Strong One; the Creator (ex nihilo, Latin for “out of nothing”)
      The pluralized tense of the Hebrew word el: god,singular. Scripturally
      capitalized representing the triune nature of the true and living God.
      4. El Elyon (God Most High) – Genesis 14:18
      The exalted One; the lofty One; there is none above Him.
      5. El Shaddai (God Almighty) – Genesis 17:1
      The Almighty God who sustains, nourishes and provides.
      6. El Olam (God Everlasting) – Genesis 21:33
      The God who inhabits eternity, who has no beginning and no end.

      The Compound Forms of Jehovah (YHWH)
      1. Jehovah-Jireh “The LORD will provide” – Genesis 22:14
      2. Jehovah-Rapha “The LORD that heals” – Exodus 15:26
      3. Jehovah-Nissi “The LORD our banner” – Exodus 17:15
      4. Jehovah-Shalom “The LORD is (our) peace” – Judges 6:24
      5. Jehovah-Ra-ah “The LORD our shepherd” – Psalm 23:1
      6. Jehovah-Tsidkenu “The LORD our righteousness” – Jeremiah 23:6
      7. Jehovah-Shammah “The Lord is present” – Ezekiel 48:35

      The above lists are from The Attributes of God, by Richard Goswiller (, with a couple of notes from me.
      Additional names might be found at

      “And He put all things in subjection under His feet, and gave Him as head over all things to the church, which is His body, the fulness of Him who fills all in all.” Ephesians 1:22-23 NASV.

      • Montanagal

        Thank you very much, Rex…exactly what I was inquiring about!

  • Edwin Brain

    Below is one example of the use of

    Gen 17:1 WHEN Abram was ninety-nine years old, the LORD appeared to Abram and said to him, “I am Almighty God; walk before Me and be blameless.
    Gen 17:2 “And I will make My covenant between Me and you, and will multiply you exceedingly.”
    Gen 17:3 Then Abram fell on his face, and God talked with him, saying:
    Gen 17:4 “As for Me, behold, My covenant is with you, and you shall be a father of many nations.
    Gen 17:5 “No longer shall your name be called Abram, but your name shall be Abraham; for I have made you a father of many nations.
    Gen 17:6 “I will make you exceedingly fruitful; and I will make nations of you, and kings shall come from you.

    In verse 1 the Lord reveals Himself as “Almighty God”, this is the English translation of EL SHADDAI.. Isn’t it wonderful, that when God tells Abram who had not at that time fathered any children, that he will be the father of many, that The Lord uses His title which is so closely related to nursing infants. Do we really have any idea just how incredible the Lord our God is? there are just no words to adequately describe Him.

    May the Lord bless you abundantly, and keep you safe.


  • Edwin Brain


    Likewise EL SHADDAI, is also a description. In this case it indicates the true nature of His incredible intimate love for each one of His children.

    It is a compound description, made up of “EL” which is short for “ELOHIM”, meaning the strong one who gives strength/nourishment, and the Hebrew word Shad which refers to the female breast.

    What the Lord is saying here is “I love you with that very special tender loving care that a nursing mother feels for the infant she is breast feeding”.

    Wow, mind blowing don’t you think ?

    • Cheryl

      Yes it is mind blowing, I love your comment:

      “What the Lord is saying here is “I love you with that very special tender loving care that a nursing mother feels for the infant she is breast feeding”.

  • Cheryl Gibson

    Today I thought about El Shaddai being a mountain of strength and power. Mountains are made to explore. The mountains and the nature it contains nutures us. That is it displays strength on one hand yet contains many examples of nuturing like fawn next to its mother. Put that mother and fawn in a setting with a huge waterfall cascading down a mountain.
    Words cannot always express what we see but our spirit can connect and receive nuture as we see His provision and care in action.

  • Jim knight

    What a great thread thank you everyone for sharing. Our Father is so good, he is filled with loving kindness and mercy flows before Him.

    • Jackie

      I was looking for a word of encouragement this morning and you all have reminded me of the Great God I serve and all is well when placed in His hands, the All sufficient One. Thanks for sharing.

  • In regards to shad/breast, what’s interesting is that when you look up the references that use this title of God, it is dealing with children, seed. The Names of God are more than just “names” or “titles”: they are an experience.

    The Lord showed me that knowing how to pronounce His Name is not as important as knowing what His Names mean and what He does. Have I experienced Him as El Shaddai? Yes, time and again He has been my All Sufficient Provider. I have experienced Him as YHVH, which expresses His Covenant Faithfulness and Existence. My mindset has been transformed from thinking like a Greek, to a looking at Scripture and Life like a Hebrew. Greek regards head knowledge and outward form, Hebrew is most concerned with action, the function, the fruit.
    What an Amazing God we serve!

  • I most humbly apologize to anyone I offended. I have a strong beleif of God’s keeping power in salvation and do not apologize for that. I harbor no ill will towards anyone on this blog for that would effect my fellowship with Jesus. Again, please forgive me if I have offended anyone in my presentation of what I believe scripture to clearly teach. I will respond no more on this blog but will continue to strive to be an obedient child of God.

    God bless, FZ

    • Edwin Brain


      I regret I am unable to locate just what exactly it is that you have said on the subject of, “God’s keeping power in salvation”, and am therefore unable to understand your need to apologize ?

      Please help me to locate same, so that I may comment.

      Oh!, and by the way I have no problem with the concept of, “Once saved always saved”.

      Every blessing.


      • Barbara LeFevre


        The Bible does not teach the doctrine of eternal security (once saved, always saved). As you know, we are in a covenant relationship with God. A covenant is a formal agreement between two parties, in this case, God and His people, and this means that each party is responsible to uphold certain stipulations. In God’s Word, He has told us how He will be faithful to us, and He has told us how we are to be faithful to Him, and while He cannot ever be unfaithful to His Word, we most certainly can, and there are consequences for that, one of which is loss of salvation.

        In the OT (Jer.31:32), we are told that God’s people did break their covenant with Him, and we know that most of God’s people were not allowed into the Promised Land (i.e. lost their salvation) because they failed to believe God, an example that comes with a dire reminder in Hebrews 3:7-12. The Apostle Paul also warned that “…if God spared not the natural branches [Israel], [take heed] lest he also spare not thee” (Rom. 11:21).

        I know all of the verses that are given in support of God’s faithfulness, but as we are told in II Timothy 3:16, we are to consider ALL Scripture when formulating doctrine, and when that is done, it is very clear that people can either walk away or drift away from God.

        We always need to remember to check the whole counsel of God when formulating doctrine.

        Yours in Christ~

        P.S. Part of what Frank is referring to can be found in a dialogue between the two of us on the June 13 blog although the discussion goes back to February.

        • Edwin Brain

          Barbara, you say,

          “The Bible does not teach the doctrine of eternal security (once saved, always saved). As you know, we are in a covenant relationship with God. A covenant is a formal agreement between two parties, in this case, God and His people, and this means that each party is responsible to uphold certain stipulations. In God’s Word, He has told us how He will be faithful to us, and He has told us how we are to be faithful to Him, and while He cannot ever be unfaithful to His Word, we most certainly can, and there are consequences for that, one of which is loss of salvation.”

          I have no desire to be “unfaithful to His Word” as I feel sure is also the case with you.

          Would you please have a look at my rather lengthy post entitled,

          Once Saved Always Saved, with questions

          Which is post No 5

          Posted: Tue Sep 13, 2011 11:39 am

          To be found at,

          And let me have your comments.

          Thank you.

          You also mention,

          Part of what Frank is referring to can be found in a dialogue between the two of us on the June 13 blog although the discussion goes back to February.

          Would it be possible for you to let me have the web site address for this item.

          Thank you again.

          May the Lord bless you, and keep you safe.


          • Barbara LeFevre

            Hi Edwin~

            Thank you for responding, and I did read your post. A little over a year ago, I decided that I would do an in-depth study on whether true Christians, born again according to John 3, can lose their salvation. I did this because it was a doctrine in which I was truly ignorant. I heard and read verses in support of both viewpoints, and I just made up my mind that I wanted to know for myself, which is, of course, the very command God gives us in II Timothy 2:15. My guiding principle throughout was II Timothy 3:16, meaning, of course, that we are to consider and reconcile ALL relevant Scripture. What this means is that all the verses that you have cited, which are absolutely true, must be reconciled with other verses that don’t support eternal security, which are also equally as true. As I studied and prayed, the Holy Spirit, according to His promise in John 16:13, very much guided me into all truth as He will anyone who wants to understand the whole counsel of God. Because the consequences are eternal, it is imperative that each one of us finds the exact truth being put forth even if it goes against any previous teachings or mindsets that we may have.

            Given that fact, we, as believers, need to truly embrace the truth of Hebrews 4:12 which says, “For the word of God [is] quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and [is] a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart” (Heb. 4:12). In other words, God’s Word is a weapon, a weapon that He has given us that, when wielded correctly, goes forth immediately with such exacting force and unparalleled accuracy that there is absolutely nothing in the spiritual realm and absolutely nothing in the physical realm, including the very thoughts of our minds and the very motives of our hearts, that can stand against or escape its purpose and power~absolutely nothing. What a powerful promise God has given us in this verse! It is our guarantee that we can go confidently to His Word and find the exact truth that He has put forth and not just two plausible truths for which we can ‘agree to disagree,’ a phrase, I believe, that has done nothing but divide the church and keep Christians from truly walking in the fullness of God’s truth in understanding, in accountability, and in blessing. As Peter says, “According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that [pertain] unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue” (II Pet. 1:3).

            When I say that believers can lose their salvation, I don’t mean that this can happen merely by sinning because we know that when we sin, we have an advocate in Christ Jesus (I Jn. 2:1). However, one can lose their salvation either by committing the unpardonable sin (blaspheming the Holy Spirit), by walking away, or by drifting away, and there is a multitude of Scripture to support this view.

            As far as your other request, Frank and I have been discussing this very topic since February. He holds your view on the subject. Had I known that he and I would be exchanging ideas for that long, I would have kept a log of the dates for reference, but I didn’t. I do have a copy of all my responses to him although they aren’t in any particular order. Our last series of exchanges are on the BLB blog for June 13. Go to that date, click on the ‘50 Comments’ and scroll down to Frank’s response dated June 14 in which he asks, “Did God choose me or did I choose God?” This is the beginning of quite a few exchanges that we did prior to the post that prompted your interest. I believe that this is one of our longest exchanges, so you should be able to get a very good idea of my perspective with the verses and explanations I have given in answer to Frank’s objections, many of which I’m sure are yours also because of what you wrote on the post you had me read. We also had an exchange of ideas on the May 18 and May 23 blogs. There are others, but I don’t know where they are at this moment. If I can find them, I will let you know.

            There are a couple of comments I’d like to make about approaching this subject. The first is that we need to have a good understanding of what it means to be in a covenant relationship with God and that nowhere is it ever implied that this particular relationship removes our responsibility or free will at any point in our walk with God as even a casual reading of the OT will testify. The second is that there is a very simple explanation as to why believers can lose their salvation even when including all the verses that you have cited:

            The main ideas behind these verses are that God loves believers and that He will always hold onto them, guaranteeing final salvation, and both are absolutely true. Nothing will separate us from the love of God; He will always be there, through trials, temptations, tragedies, and right on through to our final salvation. However, the purpose of these verses is not to illustrate that believers cannot lose their salvation but to reveal God’s faithfulness to us over and above anything or anyone in Heaven or on Earth or under the Earth that would, through anything at their disposal, appear to be able to snatch us from His arms, His power, or His love (Num. 11:23, Dan. 9:29, Is. 63:1). These verses are our assurance of both His desire and ability to accomplish what He has purposed and that nothing can stop Him. He will never forsake us; however, we can forsake Him. Satan and his minions will try to separate us from the love of God, but they can’t; however, we can separate ourselves from it, as did Judas. God will always lead us; however, we don’t have to follow. This is why we are given the admonition, “Let us hold fast the profession of [our] faith without wavering (for he [is] faithful that promised” (Heb. 10:23). Other people may hurt us and try to discourage us, but we are told, “The LORD [is] on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me” (Ps. 118:6). We need only look at the OT to see all of these verses in action. No matter what Israel faced, as long as the people were walking faithfully with the LORD, He kept His hand on them, even in their times of sinning, which we all do. However, when the people rebelled against God, through their own choices, they removed themselves from God’s protective covering, from His provision, and, as the story of the Hebrews wandering and dying in the wilderness proves, even His salvation. It wasn’t that God quit loving them or that evil angels overtook them or that men snatched them from His arms; they had the freedom to choose, and they chose to walk away. Christians have a saying that they like to put forth: “If you feel far from God, guess who moved?” The reason why this is true is because it isn’t God’s fault that we feel distanced from Him; it’s our fault. We have His Word, His guarantee, that He will never “move,” but His creation can move, and there are consequences for that.

            I hope I have answered some of your questions and have given you enough information to study. There is a lot to go through, so I’m sure you won’t be getting back to me right away. I will, however, check back every day or so to see if you have any questions or comments.

            I pray that God will bless each one of us as we seek His truth.

            Have a blessed day~

    • Cheryl

      Frank ?????

      I don’t think anyone has taken offence in any of your postings. Although Gods Word never changes, He teaches each of us separately, at different levels, in different ways, if you are part of the Body of Christ, my Brother in the Lord, then I am sadden you feel unwelcome, and I’m sure every loving person that participates on this Blog feels the same.

  • Wyllie Gunter

    I have lived 43 years of my life calling myself a christian and yes, reading, singing hymns and being an active, long-term member in the few churches I’ve attended. All were “mainstream” evangelical churches. El-Shaddai was used in popular songs and commonly within each church. Recently God has used the most difficult time in my life to show me how tenderly He nurtures me. El-Shaddai is magnificent! How wonderful He is!

  • Annie Boley

    He is the one and true God. Amen!

  • Liam

    El Shaddai is NOT His Name its a title like God is a Title Baal Means Lord its cannanite Pagan diety a wrong term to use of Our Heavenly father whose Name is Yahuah, Not God Not El Shaddai Not Jireh Not Jahovah there is No letter ‘ J ” in Greek or Hebrew remember He is the Elohim of Abraham Isasac and Yaccob, and of Israel they who first penned the scriptures, in Fact Jesus is a false made up name by men with no letter ” J : in the English language till about the year 1560 he was known to His followers and to His Father Yahuah as Yahushua ! Yahushua means Yah is salvation, Names mean things in Hebraic culture remember Hie Came in His Fathers Name!

  • What Bible has the name El Shaddai in? i looked in KJV, NIV. Where is it found?

  • Vicci Kirkendoll

    I need El(God). I have had a major set back and it’s about to take me away concerning my finances. I helped my brother and I was scammed, both events took me to a dark place that I hate and I can’t seem to get out of this place. I call on God but no answer. I need Jehovah Jireh to help me. I have a lot of anger right now and I don’t like it. I’m so sad these days and I need prayer for my situation, for my soul. I need El Shaddai to talk to the Holy Spirit to deliver me from this place. Somehow I have developed claustaphobia from somewhere. I just need help! God help me. Please somebody pray for me 🙁

    • Barbara LeFevre


      I am so sorry that you were scammed and that you are experiencing these trials. It truly must be a weight upon you having to deal with all these things, but know this: Our God is mighty to save (Is. 63:1). There is nothing that you are experiencing that He hasn’t allowed (NOT caused) and that He can’t and won’t deliver you out of. While each of us, myself included, have experienced a dark time when it seems like God doesn’t hear or answer, our promise from Him is that He will never leave us or forsake us (Heb. 13:5).

      During my dark time, I was constantly reminded of Joseph being betrayed, falsely accused, and imprisoned for something out of his control. God also put Hebrews 12:1-4 in my heart, that no matter what I am going through, even at the hand of others, I have not suffered as Christ did, so I need to bear my cross until God delivers me. It isn’t easy, I know, so please don’t take my comments as cliches meant to dismiss your pain. Although I didn’t know why or how or when, I did know WHO, and because of the trial, my faith increased through perseverance. It’s frustrating, now, I know, but I will tell you something that I heard or read when I was going through my trial. The only way we will ever develop a true faith and trust in God is if we are in a situation in which He can prove that He is faithful and trustworthy.

      Do not get discouraged, my sister. As Psalm 121:2 says, “[Vicci’s] help [comes] from the LORD, Who made heaven and earth.”

      I will hold you up, ever praying that the powers of darkness will loose all bonds and influence they have on you and that our God, the God of salvation, will have His perfect will in you and in your circumstances. May He, as He says in all of Psalm 121, be your protector and keeper.

      Be blessed this day, knowing your Father in heaven loves you!


      • Cheryl

        Barbara you are a blessing, thank you for your encouragement to Vikki and so many that are struggling. Your Sister, Cheryl

    • Cheryl

      Vicci, I will pray for you, Contact me at Cheryl Young Reinhart on face book if you need a friend. In Jesus love, Cheryl

  • babatope stephen

    the scripture said because he knows my name l will deliever him in trouble. a knowledge of Gods name acted on in faith is limitless in power and the benefits are enormous.God bless you all

  • Heidi winslow

    My son was murdered April 11th. An intoxicated driver with etoh,oxy, valium, and marijuana in her system ran him over on his bike and left him for dead. He may have survived. His last vision was looking up to the sky. I can’t see sky without crying. I held a 3 month old baby last week and lost it. I thought of holding my son. I am faithful to read His Word every morning but I’m barely walking. What title do you all think is best to meditate on? Every pore in my body feels forever changed. Probably because our bodies were not created for death. It’s a shock to my system to think of him forever absent. He was 20. There were 1000 people at his memorial. He was a loyal friend. 5 friends spoke at the service and each one said ‘he was my best friend’. I need to sense the power of God in a way that causes me to fall on my face like Abraham in His presence.

    • Barbara LeFevre


      I can think of nothing worse than losing one’s child, especially in the way you lost yours. I don’t even pretend to understand what you are going through. How deep must be your pain.

      As I was reading your post and came to the line about what was the best title to meditate on, a title didn’t come to my mind but a verse: “Be still, and know that I [am] God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth” (Ps. 46:10). I don’t know how God is going to use your situation to be exalted, but I do know that as you are quiet before Him that you will also be lifted up.

      If I may offer a thought about your desire to “sense the power of God in a way that causes me to fall on my face like Abraham in His presence,” I have found that most of the time, God will reveal Himself to us in a way that forces us to lay aside our preconceived notions and desires. He wants us to seek Him not a particular manifestation of Him. By way of a short example, I had read about someone’s conversion, and as he retold the story, his comment was that he felt like he had swallowed sunshine. My conversion, however, couldn’t have been any less dramatic, and for years I prayed and yearned for this particular and wonderful experience. I never received it, and I just couldn’t understand why until one day God just put it upon my heart that with my religious background (Mormon), which is all feelings because they don’t have the truth, that I would become reliant upon the emotional highs to measure truth and to define His love rather than pressing in to Him through prayer and His revealed Word.

      My dear sister in Christ, as you press in to our mighty God, you will sense the power of God in a way that He will be glorified through you, but it will be in His timing and in His way.

      Again, I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved child, and I will pray that God will bless you with both His comfort and His strength.


  • Edwin Brain

    Hi Barbara.

    Thank you for your compressive post on which I would like to comment as follows.

    The Word of God does not contradict itself, either “Once Saved always Saved” is true, or it is possible to loose ones salvation. They cannot both be true.

    In other words is the teaching from God, or from man ?

    How to know for certain is given at,

    Jhn 7:16 So Jesus answered them, “My teaching is not mine, but his who sent me.
    Jhn 7:17 If anyone’s will is to do God’s will, he will know whether the teaching is from God or whether I am speaking on my own authority.

    More later, must close now due to time.

    Every blessing.


    • Barbara LeFevre


      I agree with everything you have written, and the only way we can arrive at the exact truth is to consider the whole Word (II Tlim. 3:16) and to rightly divide it (II Tim. 2:15). The scriptures that you cited are used by adherents of both sides. What needs to be examined and reconciled are the verses that appear to say that one cannot lose his/her salvation with those that I’ve cited that say that one can. In my study, some of which I included in my posts to Frank, I did exactly that. I actually did reconcile them because it is only by considering all relevant verses that God’s truth can be known. If you want to pull some specific argument out of the posts, I will be glad to hear your opinion but only if you tell me exactly why the verses I’ve cited and the explanations I’ve given are wrong, not just by just citing another verse that says pretty much the same thing as “Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Rom. 8:39). No offense, but I’ve spent too many years playing scriptural volleyball with people, so if this is acceptable to you, then I will look forward to your comments.

      Have a blessed day!

  • Excellent info. God bless you greatly.

  • Well said, and I should add people need to know all pictures of such a Heavenly being are of the SAME not DIFFERENT Heavenly being. And it feels great to know that.