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Is the Reformation Relevant Today?

We contacted Christian apologist Thaddeus Williams (Ph.D., Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; Theology Professor, Biola University) and asked him if Reformation thinking is still relevant today (496 years later). Here’s what he said: Is Reformation theology still relevant today? Absolutely! It reminds us that we have a big God and that salvation is found in Him alone. […]

The Anti-Trinity

Guest post by Thaddeus Williams Immanuel Kant thought that, ”Taken literally, absolutely nothing worthwhile for the practical life can be made out of the doctrine of the Trinity” (The Conflict of the Faculties, 1798). I am convinced by Scripture and experience that the great German philosopher could not have been more wrong on this point. […]

Reformation Resources and Interview

The preservation of the gospel of Christ is always worth celebrating, now as in any era. In 1517, one such notable defense was carried out by Martin Luther as he strove to return the church to purity of faith in the midst of growing corruption. His challenge to draw the church from the interference of […]