• Jan Swann

    My first time on this site. My husband will be retiring/changing jobs to anywhere we see mountains again soon. I’m from Seattle & he’s from Salt Lake City. We are searching for all the drink our souls require wherever we move to. I was so impressed by the video. A big lightbulb with an AHA above it.

    We were both Hypnotherapists working with children in Utah before the military moved us to Texas and as he said in the video our priorities changed from how can we be of assistance to when we retire instead of how we live forever in light. Whether we do end up in Colorado, a place we dearly love or not you have given me the gift of remembering and laughter.
    Thank you so much & all blessings to you,
    Jan in Corpus Christi

  • enrique dominguez

    Possibly would can present this video in spanih languaje