Spurgeon, Inerrancy, and What We Still Need Today


Charles Haddon Spurgeon’s influence today is felt more than ever, as he is the most published Christian author in church history.1 He is often quoted in sermons, articles, books, tweets, and other quote-worthy mediums among Christians. Helmut Thielicke helpfully points out the impact and influence of Spurgeon’s ministry when he notes that, “The fire Spurgeon kindled turned into a beacon that shone across the seas and down through generations, was no mere brush fire of sensationalism, but an inexhaustible blaze that glowed and burned on solid hearths and was fed by the wells of the eternal Word. Here was the miracle of a brush that burned with fire and yet was not consumed.”2 READ MORE

What Is the Doctrine of Inerrancy?

20150303_inerrancyThe following is from Don Stewart’s FAQs on Blue Letter Bible.

One of the terms used in describing the nature of the Bible is “inerrancy.” While inerrancy is not a biblical term, but rather a theological term, it does express a biblical truth. This is similar to the word “Trinity.” Trinity is not a biblical term but it sums up what the Bible has to say about the nature of God. Inerrancy sums up the truth about what the Bible has to say about itself – it is without error. READ MORE

Luther: We need God to keep us humble


"God resists the proud, But gives grace to the humble." (James 4:6) The ministers of the Gospel should be men who are not too easily affected by praise or criticism, but simply speak out the benefit and the glory of Christ and seek the salvation of … READ MORE