Introducing: New Audio Content from Pastor Bill Acton


Blue Letter Bible has received a highly-treasured collection of insightful and memorable sermons from Pastor Bill Acton. This 93-year-old preacher has the remarkable legacy of being a faithful minister, church planter, and disciple-maker for more than 65 years.

Pastor Bill credits his love of Charles Spurgeon’s writings, as well as his personal friendship with Dr. J. Vernon McGee, as having greatly influenced his preaching. Few people know that Pastor Bill mentored a budding youth pastor named Daniel Wallace, who has since become a renowned Greek New Testament scholar. READ MORE

Growing Deep and Wide in the Grace of God


Over the past few years, we have seen a huge increase in conversation and interest in the gospel. This should be celebrated and encouraged to continue. Yet what is often missing from this conversation is the need for steady and slow growth in grace over the long haul. While talking about the grace of God is vital for the Christian, growing deep and wide in the gospel is equally essential since it isn’t enough to ask the question, “What is the gospel?” without also asking, “What does the gospel demand?” Believing the gospel requires living in light of and for the gospel. This means we are to grow deep and wide in the grace of God. By that, I mean we are to become what we are in Christ, united with Him, because of what He has done for us in His death, burial and resurrection. This is our motivation to grow in godly character as Christians. READ MORE

Introducing: New Audio Content from Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile


The Blue Letter Bible audio commentaries get around 20,000 listens per day. The reason we offer this great listening tool is that BLB users are constantly looking for more ways to study the Bible on the go. We are encouraged by that! And so, the … READ MORE